Brain Development Imaging Labs

BDIL is dedicated to the study of brain development and its disorders, with specific focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The primary objective of our research is to understand how autism manifests – both behaviorally and in the brain – across the lifespan.

Clinical Psychology Fellow Position: Clinical Evaluation of Autism across the Lifespan

An NIH funded position for a clinical psychology fellow is available at the Brain Development Imaging Laboratories and the SDSU Center for Autism. The position will support clinical evaluations of individuals with autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan (toddlers, children and adolescents, young and mature adults) in the context of multidisciplinary autism research.









BDIL Student Receives Autism Speaks Predoctoral Fellowship


Congratulations to Lindsay Olson! Under the mentorship of Dr. Inna Fishman, this project will study language patterns and their neural correlates using fMRI in a socioeconomically diverse sample of young children with (and without) ASD. The study will identify whether and to what extent socioeconomic status is associated with language development and brain network organization in children with ASD.


We are recruiting toddlers ages 1-3 yrs for our Toddler MRI studies!


Our Toddler MRI Projects, led by Drs. Inna Fishman and Annika Linke, study how ASD manifests in early childhood, from age 18 months into the preschool years. The Auditory Toddler Project in particular focuses on the development of the auditory system and sound processing. It aims to answer the question whether early auditory processing is atypical in toddlers with ASD and how this may affect language development.


BDIL Student Awarded Autism Speaks Predoctoral Fellowship


Congratulations to Jiwandeep Kohli, a student in the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, who was awarded an Autism Speaks Predoctoral Fellowship, which will investigate brain structure and behavior data of older adults with autism to understand if they are at greater risk for cognitive decline or accelerated decline than typical adults.


BDIL is Recruiting Kids Ages 4-7 for the Toy Study


This new study examines the development of vision and touch in preschoolers and young children with ASD. Interested in participating? Click here!


BDIL Student Awarded Autism Speaks and Royal Arch Masons Fellowship


Congratulations to Bosi Chen, a student in the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, who was awarded an Autism Speaks and Royal Arch Masons Predoctoral Fellowship, which will explore whether deficits in auditory processing and sound sensitivity in autism are related to how these networks develop in people with autism.