Dynamic Changes in Brain Networks

Examining the dynamic variability of functional connectivity during the resting state

Research Question

Differences in behavioral and cognitive traits may significantly affect fMRI data collected in the ‘resting state’ and little is known about potential confounds that may result from these differences. This project uses dynamic fMRI sliding window analyses in combination with EEG (electroencephalography) to investigate the dynamic variability of functional connectivity during the resting state.

How can you help?

We are currently seeking individuals with a diagnosis of ASD aged 12-22 years to participate in this study. If your child falls in this age range and has no metal implants or history of neurological disorders, he or she may be eligible to participate. We also need healthy volunteers to participate as controls.

What’s involved?


Diagnostic & Cognitive Assessments

Participants will be asked to answer some simple questions and complete tasks like drawing and solving puzzles.

Practice Getting Scanned

Participants will have a practice MRI session to get used to the environment.

Brain Scans

Participants will get to have a combined EEG and MRI scan, which will allow us to collect information about brain structure and function.

Get Compensated

Participants will be compensated for their time, and will also receive a picture of their brain!




If you think you or your child may qualify for this study, please get in touch!
Call (619) 594-0176 or email us at BDIL@mail.sdsu.edu