Peer Reviewed Journals


Chen, B., Linke, A.,Olson, L., Ibarra, C., Reynolds, S., Müller, R-A., Kinnear, M., Fishman, I. (2020). Greater functional connectivity between sensory networks is related to symptom severity in toddlers with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

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Recent Conference Presentations

Baggett, N., Solders, S., Kohli, J., Hau, J., Müller, R-A., & Carper, R. (2017). Examination of major white matter tracts in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder after careful group-matching for motion. Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting.

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Jao Keehn, R. J., Pueschel, E. B., Gao, Y., Fishman, I., & Müller, R.-A. (2017). Underconnectivity between salience and visual networks is associated with symptomatology in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting.

Kohli, J.S., Carper R.A., Fong, C.H., Müller, R.-A. (2017). Changes in local gyrification index across childhood and adolescence in autism spectrum disorder. International Meeting for Autism Research.

Kinnear, M., Linke, A.C., Solders, S., Carper, R., & Müller, R.-A. (2017). Impaired motor function and atypical motor cortex connectivity in mature adults with autism spectrum disorder. Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting.

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Books and Chapters

Müller, R.-A. & Carper, R.A. (2017). Brain network organization in ASD: Evidence from functional and diffusion weighted MRI. In M. F. Casanova, A. S. El-Baz and J. S. Suri (Ed.), Autism Imaging and Devices (pp. Boca Raton (FL): Taylor & Francis: 287-318.

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Müller, R.-A. (2013). Language: By, In, Through and Across the Brain. In K. Smith and P. M. Binder (Ed.), The Language Phenomenon. New York: Springer: 13-45.

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