Peer Reviewed Journals


* student or former student authors

Hau, J., S Kohli, J., Shryock, I., Kinnear, M. K., Schadler, A., Müller, R. A., & Carper, R. A. (2021). Supplementary and Premotor Aspects of the Corticospinal Tract Show Links with Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in Middle-Aged Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Cerebral Cortex.

*Olson, L., Chen, B., Ibarra, I., Wang, T., Mash, L., Linke, A., Kinnear, M., & Fishman, I. (2021). Externalizing behaviors are associated with increased parenting stress in caregivers of young children with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

*Olson, L., Chen, B., & Fishman, I. (2021). Neural correlates of socioeconomic status in early childhood: A systematic review. Child Neuropsychology.

*Mash, L.E., Linke, A.C., Gao, Y., Wilkinson, M., Olson, M., Jao Keehn, J., & Müller, R.-A. (2021). BOLD lag patterns differ between rest and task conditions, but are largely typical in autism. Brain Connectivity

*Tung, R., Reiter, M.A., Linke, A.C., Kohli, J.S., Kinnear, M.K, Müller, R.-A., & Carper, A. (2021). Functional connectivity within an anxiety network and associations with anxiety symptom severity in middle-aged adults with and without autism. Autism Research.

Linke, A.C., Chen, B., Olson, L., Ibarra, C., Fong, C., Reynolds, S., Apostol, M., Kinnear, M., Müller, R.-A., & Fishman, I. (2021). Sleep problems in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders are associated with sensory sensitivities and thalamocortical overconnectivity. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging.

Chen, B., Linke, A.,Olson, L., Ibarra, C., Reynolds, S., Müller, R-A., Kinnear, M., Fishman, I. (2020). Greater functional connectivity between sensory networks is related to symptom severity in toddlers with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Olson, L., Kinnear, M., Linke, A., Chen, B., Ibarra, C., Wang, T., Reynolds, S., & Fishman, I. (2020). Socioeconomic factors account for variability in language skills in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

 Olson, L., Mash, L.E., Linke, A., Fong, C.H., Müller, R.-A., & Fishman, I. (2020). Sex-related patterns of intrinsic functional connectivity in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders. Autism.

Linke, A.C., Mash, L.E., Fong, C.H., Kinnear, M.K., Kohli, J.S., Wilkinson, M., Tung, R., Keehn, R.J.J., Carper, R.A., Fishman, I., & Müller, R.A. (2020). Dynamic time warping outperforms Pearson correlation in detecting atypical functional connectivity in autism. Neuroimage, 117383.

Linke, A.C., Kinnear, M., Kohli, J.S., Fong, C.H., Lincoln, A.J., Carper, R.A., & Müller, R.-A. (2020). Impaired motor skills and atypical functional connectivity of the sensorimotor system in 40-65 year old adults with autism spectrum disorders. Neurobiology of Aging, 85, 104-112.

*Mash, L.E., Keehn, B., Linke, A.C., Liu, T., Helm, J.L., Haist, F., Townsend, J. & Müller, R.-A. (2020) Atypical relationships between spontaneous EEG and fMRI activity in autism. Brain Connectivity, e-pub.

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Recent Conference Presentations


Cordova, M., Hau, J., Schadler, A., Wilkinson, M., Alemu, K., Baker, A., Chaaban, C., Churchill, E., Fishman, I., Müller, R-A., Carper, R. A. (2021, November). Structure of corticostriatal tracts in middle-aged and older adults with autism spectrum disorder. Society for Neuroscience.

Alemu, K., Sridhar, A., Wilkinson, M., Marinkovic K., Keehn, R. J. J., Linke, A. C., Müller, R-A. Reduced inter-subject correlations of brain activity patterns during lexicosemantic decision in adolescents with ASD. Flux Society, Virtual.

Sridhar, A., Jao Keehn, R. J., Wilkinson, M., Olson M., Alemu, K., Marinkovic, K., Linke A.C., Müller, R-A. (2021, February). Changes in neural network connectivity across brain states in ASD. International Society for Autism Research, Virtual.

Kohli, J.S., Martindale, I.A., Wilkinson, M., Kinnear, M.K., Hau, J., Linke, A.C., Müller, R.-A., & Carper, R.A. (2021). Altered Links Between Anterior Cingulate Cortex Anatomy and Inhibition Skills in Middle to Older Aged Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) [Poster Presentation]. Society of Biological Psychiatry, Virtual.

Olson, L. Chen, B., Martindale, I., Kohli, J., Linke, A., Ibarra, C., Peña, S., Mendez, E., Müller, A.-R., Carper, C., & Fishman, I. (May, 2021). Associations between socioeconomic variables and language network local gyrification in toddlers and preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders. International Society for Autism Research, Virtual.

Gao, Y., Schadler, A., Kohli, J. S., Baggett, N., Ortega, M., Alemu, K., Pastrana, J., Fishman, I., Carper, R. A., Müller, R.-A. (2020 August) Language network structural connectivity distinguishes neurophenotypes in autism spectrum disorder. American Psychological Association.

Wilkinson, M., You, Y., Gao, Y., Alemu K., Olson M., Linke A. C., Jao Keehn, R. J., Marinkovic, K., Müller, R-A. (2020, June). Relationship between fMRI BOLD signal and MEG theta power in autism spectrum disorder. Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting, Virtual.

Kohli, J.S., Martindale, I.A., Kinnear, M.K., Mash, L.E., Shryock, I., Carper, R.A., & Müller, R.-A. (2020). In vivo myeloarchitectonic abnormalities in middle-aged adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) [Poster Presentation]. Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting, Virtual.

Kohli, J.S., Kinnear, M.K., Shryock, I., Martindale, I.A., Carper, R.A., & Müller, R.-A. (2020). Associations between affective symptoms and executive function in middle-aged adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) [Paper Presentation]. International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Olson, L. Linke, A., Chen, B., Ibarra, C., Ringlee, L., Peña, S., Müller, R.-A., & Fishman, I. (May, 2020). Associations between socioeconomic variables and language network functional brain connectivity in toddlers and young children with autism spectrum disorders. International Society for Autism Research, Virtual.


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Books and Chapters

Müller, R.-A., & Linke, A. (2021). Functional Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Challenges and Perspectives. Network Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Illness. Eds. Vaibhav A. Diwadkar & Simon Eickhoff, Springer, Chapter, 239-272.

Müller, R.-A. & Carper, R.A. (2017). Brain network organization in ASD: Evidence from functional and diffusion weighted MRI. In M. F. Casanova, A. S. El-Baz and J. S. Suri (Ed.), Autism Imaging and Devices (pp. Boca Raton (FL): Taylor & Francis: 287-318.

Müller, R.-A. (2014). Anatomical and functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders. In V. B. Patel, V. R. Preedy and C. Martin (Ed.), The Comprehensive Guide to Autism. New York: Springer: 49-75.

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Christiansen, M.H. & Müller, R.-A. (2013). Cultural Recycling of Neural Substrates during Language Evolution and Development. In M. S. Gazzaniga and G. R. Mangun (Ed.), The Cognitive Neurosciences V. The MIT Press.

Müller, R.-A. (2013). Language: By, In, Through and Across the Brain. In K. Smith and P. M. Binder (Ed.), The Language Phenomenon. New York: Springer: 13-45.

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