Current Position Openings

Postdoctoral Position:


Brain Development Imaging Laboratories

An NIH funded position for a postdoctoral fellow is available at the Brain Development Imaging Laboratories (BDIL) of the Dept. of Psychology, San Diego State University. The position will combine clinical evaluations of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with multimodal MR imaging. Current research at BDIL applies fMRI, functional connectivity MRI, multishell diffusion-weighted imaging, anatomical MRI, and (in collaboration) magnetoencephalography, in combination with behavioral and neuropsychological measures, to investigate biomarkers and variants of ASD. BDIL collaborates with MR physicists at UCSD ( and SDSU (, and has full access to 3 research-dedicated 3T human scanners at the two institutions.

Applicants should have combined experience in the clinical study of ASD (including diagnostics) and in MR imaging (data acquisition, preprocessing, analysis). Applicants who have experience in the study of children will be preferred.

Please e-mail CV, research statement, reprints, and 3 letters to Ralph-Axel Müller at: