Ruth Carper, Ph.D.

Ruth Carper, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, San Diego State University

Research Interests: Neuroanatomy of ASD


Ruth has two areas of research focusing on the brain bases and long-term phenomenology of autism spectrum disorders.  (1) She uses structural MRI and Diffusion Tensor Imaging to study the neuroanatomy of autism, how it changes during development, and how these structural differences help to explain differences in cognition.  She is working with other BDIL members to combine measures of anatomical connectivity (DTI) with measures of functional connectivity (fcMRI) to better understand the brain bases of autism-related behaviors in toddlers, adolescents, and mature adults.  (2) Ruth also has a strong interest in how adults with autism fare as they age.  She currently leads a study examining 40 to 65 year olds with autism, monitoring their cognitive abilities, behavior, brain anatomy and function, as well as their overall physical health.  She hopes to identify factors that predict long-term success.


Contact Information


Office: (619) 594-7350